The Coachmen’s will be putting on a Powder Buff Volleyball Game. All boys’ grades 9-12 are eligible to play. Sign-ups will start today (12/13) and be open until the start of 9th Period Tuesday December 14th . Teams will be by grade level. To sign up Freshman Mrs. Grimes, Sophomores Mr. Zwick, Juniors Mr. Roberts, Seniors Mr. Schupbach. Each grade level may have 3 female coaches. The games will be played December 16th and 17th during 9th period. There will be a short meeting on December 13th to discuss details with all players and coaches.
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Congratulations to Jamie Daugherty on winning the Dr. Myer's choice award of $100.00 at the Chapman Dental Group "Keep Smiling" art show this past Thursday, December 9th. Another congratulations goes to Alissa Greathouse on winning the Grand Prize at the Chapman Dental Group show with a $200.00 award, a $500.00 scholarship, and another $500.00 award to Tyler's Art Department. Mrs. Stephens and the staff are very proud of our talented and creative Tyler Art Students!
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The TCHS wrestling team finished 5-0 this weekend claiming the championship at the Ritchie County Duals. Undefeated wrestlers on the day included Danny McCune, Kaden Huffman, Branson Winfrey, Trenton Huffman, Sean Winfrey and Case Landis. Congratulations to all team members on a successful weekend!
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Are you looking for Community Service hours? Mrs. Hartman is still collecting old towels & blankets and dog & cat food for the Olive Branch. Drop off donations to her room my Dec. 15th!
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WV JCI Senate Scholarship Applications are available outside Mrs. McCoy's door and are due January 14th, 2021. In addition to traditional college-bound students, consideration will also be given to those planning to attend a vocational, industrial or trade school. These are $1000 grants based on scholarship, goals, leadership, financial need and other criteria.
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Spots still available! If you have questions please call Ashley @ 304-758-8367
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This is College Application and Exploration Week. Each day we'll have a related fact. Today's fact is: To keep up with future workforce demands, 60 percent of working-aged West Virginians will need a certificate or degree. But in 2016, only 31 percent of West Virginians aged 25-64 held at least an associate degree. Earning your degree opens up opportunities-because our state needs more college graduates to fill high-paying jobs!
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Tyler Consolidated High School is proud to announce the 2021 Homecoming Court. Everyone is invited to come out to the football game against Buffalo Friday night at 7:00 where the Homecoming Queen will be crowned at halftime.
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The very first student has recorded in the new studios! Be sure to catch him on 91.5! Thanks for coming in, David! Can’t wait to see you next month!
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radio studio
Promise Scholarship and needs-based Higher Education Grant Updates: To help students qualify for the merit-based Promise Scholarship and needs-based Higher Education Grant amid residual concerns stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, our board met today and approved the following temporary changes For students in the high school graduating class of 2021: The standardized testing deadline to qualify for the Promise Scholarship has been extended from August 2021 to October 2021. Colleges and universities statewide are continuing to offer free ACT On-Campus exams; dates and times are posted at For students in the high school graduating classes of 2021 and 2022: These students will now qualify for super-scoring to achieve the minimum standardized testing scores necessary to qualify for the Promise Scholarship. This allows students to take their top scores from sub-sections of different ACT or SAT tests they’ve taken and combine them for a higher overall score. For students in the high school graduating class of 2021 receiving the Promise Scholarship for the first time in 2021-22, the test score requirements have been lowered as follows: ACT composite score – 21 (regularly 22); ACT English score – 19 (regularly 20); ACT Reading score – 19 (regularly 20); ACT Science score – 19 (regularly 20); ACT Math score – 19 (regularly 20). SAT composite score – 1080 (regularly 1100); SAT Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing score – 510 (regularly 530); SAT Math score – 510 (regularly 520). For students who received either the Higher Education Grant or the Promise Scholarship for 2020-21 and are renewing it for the 2021-22 award year: The grade point average required for renewal is waived for this upcoming award year only. Additional information about the Promise Scholarship and Higher Education Grant are available at The FAFSA – which is the first step to unlocking these and more funds for college – is available through the U.S. Department of Education at See the press release on these changes at:
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The 2021 TCHS Prom Court has been announced. Junior Court- Jordyn Potoczny, Shauna Riggs, Aleah Fletcher, Romana Rice Senior Queen Candidates- Haley Cremona, Regan Smith, Maddie Ice, Lindsay Thompson, Gracie Shepherd Senior King Candidates - Hadyn Brown, Jackson Kibbey, Trey Landis, Spencer Corley, Seth Moore TCHS Prom 2021 will take place on Saturday, May 1st.
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Check out the live stream from the Tyler Consolidated High School gymnasium today! Boys Basketball at 1pm & Wrestling at 4pm
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Check it out... Free to watch all regular season home events!
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flyer for sports live streams
Good morning! We hope you are bundled up to enjoy the snow!
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A snowman.