When the two oldest high schools in West Virginia merged in 1993, Tyler Consolidated High School was created. Sistersville High School, formed in 1906, and Tyler County High School, formed in 1908, brought together a wealth of historical educational experiences that have evolved into a very unique and distinctive high school. With a county population of roughly 9500 people, Tyler Consolidated continually engages in school activities that incorporate all levels of socioeconomic population.

Known for its curriculum and preparation for higher education, Tyler Consolidated High School is a West Virginia four-year public institution serving grades nine through twelve. Approximately 400 students have the choice of college preparation courses, four AP courses, early college courses, and several electives in each of the core areas. The high school offers completer programs in Agribusiness, Plant Systems, Power, Structural and Technical Systems, Broadcasting Technology, Baking and Pastry, and Microsoft Computer Applications. Other completer programs are available through the Mid-Ohio Valley Technical Institute.

The administration and teachers of Tyler Consolidated have a strong philosophy and clear expectations of what is needed to help each individual become successful. Although Tyler Consolidated has achieved in past years first place on state assessment tests, the real evidence of success lies in each student who has ventured through the doors of this institution of learning. A large percentage of the students have attended a four-year college institution as well as a vocational school. Year after year students return with their stories of success.

We recognize that strong expectations and leadership from the administration down will continue to set the quality of education exhibited daily at Tyler Consolidated. With the sustained backing and support of the surrounding communities, our school will continue to prepare our students for not only what is needed in their future, but to cultivate in them how to give back to society in a positive way.

Mission Statement

The mission of Tyler Consolidated High School is to make it possible for ALL students to become self-supporting, contributing, and caring citizens.  We shall endeavor to challenge each student to achieve their ultimate in learning.  We shall strive to create and maintain an environment that fosters mutual respect, and formulates constructive, lifelong patterns of learning.  We shall strive in the development of intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, decision-making abilities, and the aesthetic appreciation of the arts.